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HPR-Series High Pressure Chemical Reactors

HPR-Series High Pressure Chemical Reactors

  •     Stirred Reactor Vessel from 50 ml to 4 Liter Capacity
  •     Operate up to 10,000 psi (689 Bar / 68.9 MPa) and 350°C
  •     Magnetic Drive Mixing
  •     Safety Rupture Disc Assembly
  •     Integrated Controller with Color Touch Screen
  •     Data Export via a Flash Drive Communications Port
  •     Optional Reagent Addition Modules
  •     Optional Vessel Windows (Up to 150°C Operation)

The HPR-Series of pressure chemical reactors is designed for researchers who are interested in investigating the feasibility of pressurized chemical reactions or processing problems in their laboratories. Whether it is repetitive pressurized laboratory chemical synthesis, teaching laboratory applications, or process development, the HPR-Series is an excellent unit for your application needs.

The HPR reactors range in size from 50 ml to 8 liters and may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 350°C. Two standard pressure vessel types are available. Bolted closures may be operated up to 2350 psi and 350°C. Hand-tight closures may be operated up to 10,000 psi and 200°C. Other custom vessels for specialized applications are available.

The reactors are equipped with magnetically coupled impellers for optimal mixing. All high pressure components are ASME compliant design (code stamp available) and protected by a rupture disc for safe operations. These laboratory bench top models are ideal for applications where repetitive use makes convenience a necessity. A few examples include: catalytic studies, polymerization, hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization, and dehydrogenation. All size reactors are supplied as ready-to-use instruments requiring only utility connections prior to operation. The reactors are compact instruments that fit easily into a fume hood. Their modular design makes it easy and cost effective to alter the unit’s basic configuration, adapting it to meet new or evolving application needs.

All functions are controlled by an integrated processor with a full color touch screen: Closed loop temperature control, closed loop speed control, pressure indication, over-temperature limit control, ramp/soak programming of temperature and mixer speed. An RS-232 communications port provides the ability to export data to an external computer.

Options for the HPR Series Reactors include: vessel windows, additional ports, cooling coils, sample loops, baffles, and reagent addition modules.

Areas of Investigation

  •     Alkylation
  •     Amination
  •     Biotechnology
  •     Carboxylation
  •     Catalytic reduction
  •     Fermentation
  •     Halogenation
  •     Hydrolysis
  •     Isomerization
  •     Nitration
  •     Oxidation
  •     Polymerization
  •     Hydrogenation and dehydrogenation
  •     Toxic/hazardous substance processing

Reactor Vessel Assembly

Internal Dimensions (Bolted Closure):

(Operation up to 2,350 psi @ 350°C)

Internal Dimensions (Hand-Tight Closures):

(Operation up to 10,000 psi @ 200°C)

Main Seal: Self-energizing metal seal or various o-ring materials for lower temperature operation


Standard Features

Controller Specification

The unit utilizes a microcontroller to perform all PID, ramp/soak, and interlock functions. The microcontroller and power control components are located in a module which may reside on a benchtop. The digital displays and pushbuttons are located on the operator panel on the face of the cabinet.

  •     Closed Loop Temperature Control
  •     Closed Loop Agitator Speed Control
  •     Pressure Indication (including transducer)
  •     Overtemperature Limit Control
  •     Ramp Soak Programming of Temperature and Speed (5 ramp/soak segments)
  •     Temperature, Speed and Pressure On-Screen Plotting
  •     PID Autotuning
  •     Temperature, Pressure and Speed Alarms with Alarm History Storage
  •     RS-232 Communications Port

Agitator Drive Assembly

Optional Accessories (may not be available in all vessels)

  •     Cooling coil: 1/8” OD tube, U shaped
  •     Sample tube: 1/8” OD tube
  •     Additional ports
  •     Windows
  •     Internal baffles


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