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Precision System

The New Precision Gas Generators for GC Instruments

First we made them multi task...then we conquered space.

At Peak Scientific we understand the needs of laboratories and the people who work in them. The lab is a unique environment demanding precision, accuracy, reliability and design steeped in functionality.

Peak expertise defined by our Precision

Leading the way in gas generation for over a decade, we expertly designed a new system solution that can be tailored to any GC laboratory’s needs.
Our global presence allows us to support our customers quickly and effectively. No matter where you are, you will benefit from our outstandingly fast response time and a track record of 95%
first time fixes!

Why Precision?

• Modular system offering a GC gas supply solution specific to your lab
• Space saving stackable design allowing you to make the most of your lab space
• Combinations available for single GC and multiple GC applications
• Eliminates the inconvenience of gas cylinders, no more changing over, no more supply issues, no safety worries
• Very low maintenance throughout the range
• Long term cost stability
• Precision systems only utilize technology with a proven track record of safety and reliability
• Stylish lighting feature to indicate generator status

Bespoke Combinations

Which Precision System is right for you?

More often than not, which generator model we recommend comes down to the ‘limit of detection’ you are looking for in your GC results.
The lower the limit of detection, the purer the gases need to be as you will be looking for the lowest possible baseline to achieve the most precise results.

This is why Peak Scientific offers a Standard Analysis Gas Generator as well as a Trace Analysis Gas Generator solution.

Gas Generator recommendation by Detection Limit:


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